Classic Open Face Chinese Poker Rules

Basic Rules

1. Classic Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) is played between 2-3 players in which the players need to set up a Chinese Poker hand out of 5 cards they receive during the first dealing round and the remaining 8 cards they are dealt with respectively every other round.

2. Cards need to be placed into 3 rolls known as top, middle and bottom. The cards are scored and compared as regular poker hands (for example, a flush beats a straight, quads beat a full house, etc.). In addition, OFC rewards good hands in every row with different point bonuses.

3. In OFC, it is strictly stated that the bottom hand must be at least as good as the middle hand, and that the middle hand must be at least as good as the top hand. Otherwise, the entire hand is "foul".

4. If a player's hand has fouled (failed to qualify), then the player gets a zero for the frame as long as the rest of the players make a qualifying hand, the fouled player will be beaten on his or her top, middle, and bottom.

Scoring system

1. The players' hands are compared respectively on each rows. 1 basic point is given for every winning row.

2. All three rows winning will give the player extra 3 winning points.

3. Point bonuses will be granted for special card arrangements.

4. A player's total score is:

Total score = basic points (# of winning rows) + point bonuses (card arrangements) + 3 extra winning points

5. The result of each game is:

Result = total score × bets


1. If a player's qualified hand has QQs or above on top, the player will enter "Fantasyland" the next hand. During this mode, the player will be dealt with all 14 card at once, and choose 13 among them.

2. When Fantasyland is triggered, all other players must not stand up or leave table.

3. Qualify one of the following requirements to stay in Fantasyland:

- Three of a Kind on top;

- Quads or above on bottom.

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